All of our facials begin with a deep cleanse and professional skin analysis. products are selected based on your concerns and individual skin type. In the focus facial you may choose one concern- such as clogged pores- for us to “focus” on.


Ocean Elements Wellness offers Gentle Waxing services with Berodin Low Temperature European Wax. Always Have and Always Will. We have been using their wax for over 10 years. BEFORE it was popular. We wax everything so if you have something you want defuzzed bring it.

Back Facial

We begin with a deep cleansing & Exfoliation of the skin. If needed extractions are performed and a skin nourishing Masque is applied. The service concludes with a soothing massage in of appropriate moisturizer.

Express Body Glow

A full body salt or sugar body exfolation and hot towel compression massage. Perfect alone or added to a massage.

Ocean Elements Salt

Stimulates the Lymphatic system and detoxifies the skin. Begins with dry brushing and then Exfoliation with salt or sugar and organic oils. This will remove dead skin and feed new skin with healthy ingredients. Treatment concludes with Hot towel compression massage.

Mlis Body Detox & Contouring Wrap

We exfoliate the body with a blend of fruit enzymes and crushed bamboo. Then we apply our contour cream blended with cinnamon and Niacin. This stimulates the skin and Lymphatic system to release held toxins that cause cellulite and dull skin. We then wrap the body in a specific sequence to activate Acupressure points for detoxification as well as compressing for shape contouring.

Organic Body Cocoons

Organic exfoliating scrub followed by a nourishing body Masque; selected for your individual needs. You are wrapped in a relaxing warm cocoon while the product penetrates. Hot towel compresses to remove Masque and then you will be massaged with appropriate moisturizer

NEW! Stone Crop Contour Body Wrap

Contours, Tones and Tightens Skin. Performed in cocoon fashion.

Reiki Healing Session

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "Higher Power" and Ki which means "life force energy". So we call Reiki "spiritually guided life force energy.” Diane Stein describes it as “Universal Love at the Speed of Light”. Reiki can improve one's health and enhance the quality of life. During a session, the facilitator transmits Universal Life Force Energy to the recipient, with the intention of establishing deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing. Reiki treats the Whole Person; Body, Mind & Spirit. In many cases it can be transformational.